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The analysed model 1 1 . We have found support for full scalar invariance, as compared to the unconstrained configural model. The fit indices of the compared invariance models were as follows: Configural: ? (2064) = ; CFI = 0.944; RMSEA = 0.039; Scalar: ? (2194) = ; CFI = 0.947; RMSEA = 0.037. was well fitted to the data ( ? 2 (1032) = , p Table 1 ) demonstrated the existence of a general fear of death influencing all of the specific forms of the FOPD; however, they did not demonstrate how general FOPD differentiates into more specific forms. Goldberg , L. R . ( 2006 ). Doing it all bass-ackwards: The development of the hierarchical factor structures from the top down . Journal of Research in Personality , 40 , 347 – 358 . . top-down procedure, that is, we ran six independent exploratory structural equation models varying the number of factors (from an unidimensional model to a six-factor model), extracted the factor scores from each model and correlated these factor scores across models (e.g. factor scores from the two-factor model were correlated with the scores from the three-factor model, which in turn were correlated with the four-factor model, and so on). The results of the analysis are presented in Fig. 1 .

To evaluate the fresh new hierarchical construction of one’s FOPD, we put Goldberg’s (2006) thirteen

Initial, i intended to select six levels of brand new steps of your FOPD, which is the exact same amount of version of concern about death popular regarding FVTS survey, however the half a dozen-grounds provider failed to produce the asked show. What exactly that make up the new FVTS anxiety about the conclusion of one’s lives measure piled on a number of issues in an excellent styles you to managed to make it impossible to make theoretic perceptions. The initial number of the fresh new steps are portrayed of the a factor, corresponding to standard FOPD. Into the next top, which grounds breaks with the two affairs, one of that is soaked which have items regarding the concern about physical depletion plus the concern with encountering dying, while the most other was soaked with affairs concerning the concern about mortality, the fear of one’s end of one’s life, the fear off life once dying plus the concern with the procedure for passing away. The research of one’s posts off factors signifies that they coincide to help you a couple views of the care about because the explained of the Becker (): brand new real mind-angle and also the symbolic worry about-position . On 3rd height, throughout the physical worry about-perspective, a very important factor comprising activities of the anxiety about actual exhaustion measure splits of. At the same time, a team of points split off regarding real mind-perspective and you may emblematic care about-perspective, in addition to their contents concern the fear regarding experiencing passing while the concern about the process of perishing. The research of one’s belongings in these things implies that we handle concern whoever resource ‘s the impression out of demise when you look at the terms of risks so you can psychophysical well-getting (an anxiety about aches, distress and you can slow demise). More over, on symbolic thinking-direction, a factor breaks from whoever essence are a fear of passing seen when it comes to threats so you can worry about-fulfilling existence. Into the next level, the standards of the concern with actual exhaustion and you can risks in order to self-satisfying existence are nevertheless unchanged, due to the fact risks so you can really-are foundation divided in to affairs whoever information from the FVTS coincide with the anxiety about encountering passing and fear of the procedure from dying scales. For the fifth peak, elements away from fear of bodily exhaustion, fear of the whole process of perishing and concern with encountering passing are still intact. Threats to help you worry about-fulfilling life split into a few issues: a person is made up of products corresponding to the fresh new FVTS anxiety away from mortality size, because most other comprises circumstances corresponding to new FVTS anxiety about the termination of your lifestyle and you may concern with lifestyle immediately following passing scales. Based on existential psychologists (elizabeth.grams. Will get, 1989 23. ( 1989 ). Psychologia we dylemat ludzki. [psychology additionally the peoples troubles] . Warszawa : Pax . , 1994 24. ( 1994 ). Odwaga tworzenia. [the fresh courage in order to make] . Poznan : Rebis . ; Yalom, 2008b), which factor corresponds to driving a car out-of personal annihilation.